Board of Directors

Board of Director

Meet our extraordinary Board of Directors – a diverse group of experts, academics, former officials, and justice seekers from Afghanistan and beyond, who are committed to combatting international crimes, advocating for human rights, and ensuring justice in Afghanistan and war-torn countries.

Yama Rayeen

Criminal Justice Researcher, John Jay College of Criminal Justice Alumni, New York City University

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Mohammad Aman Riazat
Board Member & Vice Chair

Former Spokesperson of the Afghan Ministry of Justice, Journalist, and Human Rights Defender

Mohammad Naim Nazari
Senior Advisory Member to the board

Acting Director of Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan (in Exile)

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Mohammad Kabirov
Board Member

Director of Foundation for Intercultural Integration, Editor of @AzdaTv, Journalist and Human Rights Activist

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Sarema Afzali
Board Member

Former Director of Development Programs and Fundraising Commission at High Council for National Reconciliation of Afghanistan 

Join Our Board - Fight International Crimes and Human Rights Abuses

Passionate about justice? Join ITJP’s Board of Directors to combat international crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, human rights abuses, and genocide in Afghanistan and war-torn countries.



  • Expertise in law, human rights, or transitional justice

  • Commitment to peace and justice

  • Board or leadership experience


Together, let’s unite to bring the perpetrators to justice.

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