Victims Gallery

Remembering the Victims of International Crimes and Human Rights Breaches

Our gallery is a collection of images, videos, and publishable materials about victims of global crimes obtained from them, reporters covering the stories, media outlets, and other trustworthy sources. To bring about a society where such atrocities are not done with impunity, we aim to increase awareness of the catastrophic effects of human rights breaches by giving these tales a forum.

Victims Gallery

Victims' voices matter!

Victims Stories

Hear their tales of international crimes and human rights abuses. We stand with the afflicted in Afghanistan, amplifying their stories, demanding justice!

Join us in remembering the devastating attack on the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul on 20 January 2018, as documented in this Al Jazeera English video report. The Taliban claimed responsibility for the 16-hour siege, targeting foreigners, government officials, and security forces. Tragically, the attack claimed the lives of at least 18 individuals, including 14 foreigners, among whom were 7 Ukrainians employed by Kam Airline, according to Negah TV, an Afghan local TV. Let us honor the victims of this crime by watching and remembering them. 

Remembering the Stories Behind the Statistics

Documentary on the Attack on Kabul University, 1 TV, Afghanistan.

American Journalist Kidnapped and Imprisoned by Taliban for 45 Days, A&E Documentary.

Taliban Imposes Ban on Beauty Salons in Afghanistan, CNN Reports.

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