International Organization for Transitional Justice and Peace

How Do We Work ?

How Do We Work?

We fulfill our objective by educating the victims and marginalized communities, hosting seminars and conferences, advocating for human rights, doing research, providing training, and monitoring and reporting on the situation. ITJP works to increase awareness through online and in-person initiatives, media campaigns, particularly on social media, seminars, conferences, and conversations with warring parties, victims, and marginalized individuals and groups.
We promote victim’s rights by starting local, national, and worldwide campaigns, dialogues, conferences, and meetings with relevant entities, such as the United Nations, governments, and stakeholders. Additionally, we promote victim’s rights by establishing and enabling interactions with them, considering their grievances and opinions, narrating their stories, directing their objections to the appropriate
authorities, defending their rights, and monitoring the outcomes.
ITJP will launch impartial documentation about core international crimes, collect documents and provide solutions. ITJP will conduct in-person or online seminars and training workshops to enhance justice sector employees’ capabilities within the de facto government of Afghanistan, if required, to handle cases involving international
crimes. The ITJP will also educate victims and vulnerable groups on documenting
and reporting such crimes to the appropriate authorities.

How We Finance?

ITJP’s activities are funded through grants and gifts, fundraising, and donations
We will operate in  compliance with all statutes, Executive Orders, and Regulations restricting or prohibiting U.S. persons from engaging in transactions and dealings with countries, entities, or individuals subject to economic sanctions administered by OFAC.
We will check the OFAC list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (the SDN List) before dealing with persons (individuals, organizations, and entities) and specifically avoid dealing with any persons on the list.
We will not enter into a relationship with a grantee where doubts exist about the grantee’s ability to ensure the safe delivery of charitable resources independent of influence by or association with any terrorist organization.
We will not engage in trade or transaction activities that violate the regulations behind OFAC country-based sanctions programs or engage in trade or transaction activities with sanctions targets named on the OFAC SDN list.
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