Yama Rayeen,

We are pleased to introduce Yama Rayeen, the Chief of our Board of Directors and Co-Founder of the ITJP. With extensive experience as an attorney in the Attorney General’s office in Afghanistan. Yama earned his Law degree from Kabul University School of law, and he obtained his higher education at John Jay College of Criminal Justice a City University of New York, graduated with 3.9 GPA and an honor major in International Criminal Justice. Therefore, Yama Rayeen brings a wealth of knowledge in handling civil and criminal cases in collaboration with international organizations across South Central Asia and the MENA regions.


His proven track record as a legal advisor to non-profit organizations focused on democracy and human rights further strengthens his position as a leader in the field. Yama joined our board in the summer of 2022, following the creation of ITJP, and his expertise has been invaluable to our efforts.


In addition to serving as a member of the Board, Yama is also a highly active member of our Executive Committee. Based in New York City, Yama is committed to driving advocacy campaigns through his extensive community outreach. With his passion for justice and unwavering commitment to our cause, we are confident in Yama’s ability to guide us toward our goals.

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