International Organization for Transitional Justice and Peace

Defending Justice and Human Rights - The ITJP Mission

Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan

Vission & Mission

At the International Organization for Transitional Justice and Peace (ITJP), our mission is to combat core international crimes, including genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and human rights abuses in Afghanistan and other war-torn countries worldwide. Through documentation, advocacy, training, research, awareness, and support, we are dedicated to strive for justice and peace. Guided by our vision of a world where justice serves as the cornerstone of peace, we tirelessly work to ensure that perpetrators of core international crimes and face prosecution and that justice is achieved for victims, particularly the most marginalized in society. We stand with victims and survivors in their pursuit of truth, justice, and restitution, fostering sustainable peace and justice at all levels.

How Do We Work

We fulfill our objective through education, seminars, conferences, and advocacy, raising awareness via online and in-person initiatives, media campaigns, and dialogues with stakeholders. Promoting victims’ rights through campaigns, meetings with responsible bodies, and defending their grievances while monitoring outcomes. Conducting impartial documentation and research, collecting evidence, and providing solutions. Empowering national and local human rights organizations with seminars and workshops, educating victims and vulnerable groups on documenting and reporting crimes, fostering justice, and human rights in Afghanistan and beyond.
terrorist attack on school girls
Devastating aftermath of a Kabul education center suicide bombing in Nov 2022, with a higher death toll than initially reported. (AP)

Transparency and Compliance

We rigorously check the OFAC SDN List before engaging with individuals, organizations, or entities, ensuring compliance.
We maintain integrity by not associating with grantees linked to terrorist organizations.
We adhere to OFAC country-based sanctions programs, refraining from engaging with listed sanctions targets.

Who Are We?

We are a group of experts, academics, former government and non-government officials, justice seekers and ultimately victims, with relevant backgrounds and visions, who have come together from Afghanistan and war-torn countries to combat core international crimes, advocate for justice and human rights in Afghanistan and other war-torn countries

Our Team

Diverse and dedicated, our team includes experts, academics, justice seekers, and victims from different nations. United in our pursuit of justice, we work to end international crimes, advocate for human rights, and ensure a brighter future for Afghanistan and war-torn countries.

Iris He

Resource Center Coordinator

Wahab (Pseudonyum)

HR and Admin

Hawa Dem

Data Coordinator

Mamady Sissoko

Trainer and Training Material Developer

Our Projects - In Need of Support

Victims Gallery: Empowering Victims Voices through Storytelling

Establishing a Victims Gallery to document and preserve the stories of victims of international crimes. Showcasing images, videos, and testimonials collected through ethical and reliable sources. Through this project, ITJP aims to empower victims by amplifying their voices and raising awareness about human rights violations.

Uncovering Core International Crimes

Conducting impartial research and documentation into core international crimes, such as genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan. ITJP recruits experts and establishes an online portal to document reports, engage in dialogue with organizations, and lobby for support and justice.

Empowering Victims and Communities: Human Rights Training and Resources

Establishing a comprehensive Resource Center on core international crimes and human rights abuses. Providing victims with crucial education and awareness while offering researchers and policy makers access to recent research and documents. Empowering advocacy for justice and lasting peace.

Our Values

Empowering Victims, Inspiring Justice, and Peace

At ITJP, we stand united with victims, amplifying their stories and championing justice and peace worldwide. With our unwavering commitment to impartial documentation, impactful research, and relentless advocacy, we offer a transformative partnership. Join us to make a lasting impact. Together, we’ll shape a better future.
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