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Official Statement on the Taliban’s Tweet by their Spokesman against ITJP and PFP campaign on July 30, 2023.

Yama Rayeen, a former prosecutor and Director of ITJP, joins Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill and members of the Major County Prosecutors Council and hold a moment of silence on Thursday, honoring prosecutors tragically lost to the Taliban. – Spenser Heaps, Desert News
New York: As an international organization committed to upholding justice, human rights, and peace, the International Organization for Transitional Justice and Peace (ITJP) finds it necessary to strongly reject the baseless accusations made against us and the “Prosecutors for Prosecutors” (PFP) campaign by the Taliban’s spokesman in a tweet on July 30, 2023.
The Taliban, as always, has ignored the threats against Afghan prosecutors and falsely accused ITJP and the PFP campaign of trying to facilitate the exit of personnel from Afghanistan and engaging in human trafficking.
Contrary to the claims made in the tweet, there are credible reports and evidence of dozens of prosecutors being killed and assassinated by the Taliban, along with criminals being released from prison by the Taliban. Despite the fact that a long list of prosecutors and those involved in the justice system were killed or assassinated by the Taliban during the past Afghan republic government, ITJP has received reports indicating that more than 26 prosecutors and individuals involved in the justice system have been killed or assassinated in Afghanistan after they Taliban took office.
ITJP’s core mission is to combat international crimes and human rights violations by documenting and shedding light on the atrocities committed against vulnerable populations, including prosecutors, women, human rights activists, and civilians. We operate with complete impartiality, free from any political affiliations, and our sole purpose is to seek accountability and justice for victims of international crimes and human rights violations. We categorically deny any involvement in human trafficking, as baselessly insinuated. Instead, we are dedicated to supporting victims in their pursuit of safety, justice, and a peaceful future.
ITJP stands in solidarity with the brave prosecutors and law professionals in Afghanistan who has been risked their lives to ensure justice prevails. We will continue to collaborate with esteemed organizations in the United States, our allies, and partners around the world to raise the required funds, amounting to $15 million,
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Source: APA-US
to facilitate the safe relocation of about 1500 courageous prosecutors and law practitioners and their families to countries where their pursuit of justice can flourish unhindered. ITJP remains unwavering in our pursuit of justice, peace, and human rights for all. We urge the Taliban to stop their ongoing crimes and human rights violations, and to listen to the calls for respecting the fundamental rights of the Afghan people.
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