Mohammad Naim Nazari

Meet Mohammad Naim Nazari, a renowned figure in Afghanistan’s media and human rights debates and the current Director of the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission. With a Journalism degree obtained in 1996, Nazari’s passion for human rights and development led him to work in legal assistance at the Afghanistan Cooperation Center in Pakistan after the Taliban’s takeover of Balkh in 1998.


Nazari later became the responsible manager of “Cooperation” magazine, which published articles related to human rights, development, history, and culture. He conducted numerous educational workshops on democracy, human rights, the Constitution, and elections since 2003 and was elected as the Executive Chairman of the Civil Society and Human Rights Network in 2008.

His leadership played a pivotal role in shaping laws such as the “Access to Information Law,” “Public Media Policy of the Country,” “Ethical Codes of Journalism,” “Employment Bill in Private Media,” and numerous other documents for journalists. Nazari has participated in over a hundred important media debates and served as a member of the “Access to Information Commission” for two rounds.

Nazari has actively and effectively participated in significant international conferences in France, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and Tokyo. He was appointed as the commissioner of the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan in July 2019 and later assumed the position of Director after the resignation of Mrs. Shahrazad Akbar on January 1, 2022.

Apart from taking an important part in forming “The Civil Society and Human Rights Network,” “Transitional Justice Coordination Group,” and “Civil Society Joint Committee,” Nazari has organized the report of civilian deaths and violations of the rules of war in Afghanistan from 2008 to August 15, 2021. He has also prepared six-month and one-year reports on the casualties of civilians and violations of international human rights in Afghanistan.

Nazari’s advocacy for human rights has resulted in several reports on the situation of international human rights and humanitarian rights, including the one published by the IHRCA on the situation from August 15, 2021, to August 15, 2022. He has also issued dozens of press releases and launched press conferences on behalf of the Civil Society and Human Rights Network and the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan.

In summary, Mohammad Naim Nazari’s expertise in human rights and his contribution to the development of laws and documents related to the media in Afghanistan have earned him respect and recognition nationally and internationally. His leadership and advocacy for human rights have led to significant changes and contributed to the formation of civil society and human rights groups in Afghanistan.

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