ITJP’s Dedicated Team Holds Inaugural Meeting to Pursue Justice in Afghanistan

The International Organization for Transitional Justice and Peace (ITJP) recently held its first meeting with a dedicated volunteer team via Zoom on 21 July 2023, in pursuit of combating core international crimes, protecting human rights, and seeking justice in Afghanistan and other war-torn countries. The virtual meeting witnessed the active participation of the organization’s Board Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, and newly onboarded diverse team members.
“ITJP is founded with a mission to address core international crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and human rights violations,” stated the ITJP’s Chairperson, Yama Rayeen. “We have been working diligently to bring an end to the cycle of impunity exploited by armed groups in conflict-ridden regions, particularly in Afghanistan.”
Afghanistan, a nation that has faced over forty years of relentless war and extreme violence, has borne the brunt of the devastating impact on its civilian population. The prevalence of violence, terrorism, and widespread human rights abuses has perpetuated due to the lack of accountability and adequate measures to confront the perpetrators.
The meeting highlighted ITJP’s unwavering commitment to ending the reign of impunity and ensuring that perpetrators are held accountable, irrespective of their power and affiliations.
“As an international entity, ITJP is determined to prioritize Afghanistan in its efforts to address international crimes and human rights violations,” stated Mr. Rayeen. “While the pursuit of justice may face challenges, the organization remains resolute in its mission to be a beacon of hope for the suffering people of Afghanistan, especially women.”
Yama Rayeen, Chairperson of ITJP, expressed deep gratitude for the diverse team members who have joined the organization. He emphasized the importance of their roles in seeking accountability for the committed crimes and their dedication to supporting the organization’s mission.
“Afghanistan has endured over four decades of violence and numerous crimes, yet the perpetrators have eluded justice,” said Aman Riazat. “We stress the significance of collective and institutionalized efforts to break the cycle of crimes, particularly those of the past two decades, for which the perpetrators are known.”
The executive team, comprising individuals from diverse backgrounds and locations such as Shanghai, Mali, New York, and Afghanistan, reaffirmed their commitment to contributing to ITJP’s mission and aspirations for justice and peace.

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ITJP is a non-profit organization based in the US. Our mission is to combat core international crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and human rights violation in war-torn countries with a current focus in Afghanistan. We raise awareness, advocate, conduct research, provide training, and report human rights violations.

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