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Breaking Silence: Reporting International Crimes and Human Rights Abuses

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The International Organization for Transitional Justice and Peace has launched an online and offline International Crimes and Human Rights Violations Reporting Form to document core international crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide and human rights violation in Afghanistan. This form enables victims of these crimes, their families, legal representatives, or individuals to confidentially report crimes committed against them or their loved ones and seek justice.
The ITJP is the first organization to provide a platform for the comprehensive registration and documentation of international crimes and human rights violations in Afghanistan that have occurred since February 2003. It aims to facilitate the referral of these crimes to international criminal courts and responsible bodies.
The organization is committed to supporting victims, allowing them to voice the grave consequences of the crimes they have experienced, and seek justice. It emphasizes that core international crimes must not go unnoticed, victims must not be forgotten, and perpetrators must be held accountable.
Currently, the focus is on registering and documenting core international crimes in Afghanistan, with plans to expand this effort to other war-torn countries. The ITJP seeks to make preliminary investigations possible by documenting these crimes and pursuing legal actions involving international criminal courts and other international bodies.

A Closer Look at the Initiative

This initiative by the International Organization for Transitional Justice and Peace marks a significant step towards documenting core international crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide, and human rights violations in Afghanistan. The ITJP’s commitment to supporting victims extends beyond mere documentation – it aims to give victims a voice, encouraging them to speak out to authorities and the world about the grave consequences of the crimes they have experienced.
The ITJP’s focus on Afghanistan is particularly noteworthy given the country’s history of prolonged wars accompanied by numerous core international crimes. These crimes have victimized many civilians who were not affiliated with any war party, while the perpetrators have enjoyed impunity. By documenting these crimes, the organization seeks to end this cycle of impunity and bring justice to those affected.
The reporting form consists of three comprehensible sections that can be easily completed by reporters. The first section collects basic information about the reporter of the crime. The second section gathers essential information about the victim. The third section allows for detailed descriptions of the crimes and any specific issues related to them.
This initiative represents a significant stride towards ensuring that international crimes do not go unnoticed or unpunished. It empowers victims and their families to seek justice while providing valuable data for research, advocacy, awareness-raising, education, discussions, legal proceedings, and further processing.

For more details or report a crimes, visit the Reporting Crimes section. For inquiries and guidance, please contact us via
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