Mohammad Aman Riazat

We are thrilled to introduce Mohammad Aman Riazat, a passionate and experienced co-founder in journalism, communication, research, education, consulting, and human rights. With over ten years of experience, Mr. Riazat has made a lasting impact as a journalist and spokesperson of the Ministry of Justice in Afghanistan.
His passion for journalism is evident through the numerous articles and reports he has published in both Farsi and English. These works have been featured in well-known domestic and international media outlets, as well as the Ministry of Justice’s professional, cultural, and legal journals and website. He played a crucial role in developing the Ministry of Justice’s five-year communication strategy and establishing a standard reporting system for all departments. He was also part of the judicial committee responsible for creating the communication strategy for the National Unity Government of Afghanistan.
Mr. Riazat has conducted over 1000 interviews with national and international media on topics such as the rule of law, justice, anti-corruption, human trafficking, and legal awareness. During his more than 5 years at the Ministry of Justice of Afghanistan, Mr. Riazat worked closely with justice authorities, and national and international institutions, advocating for democratic values, including freedom of expression, justice, and human rights.
He holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism, and a master’s degree in political science. With his extensive expertise and proven track record, he is a valuable asset to any organization committed to advancing human rights, defending freedom of expression, and promoting justice.
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