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Join the ITJP Team as an Intern or Volunteer

There are many kinds of volunteers. There is something for everyone, regardless of your background, level of expertise, or age.

It also does not require a significant commitment. You can discover the perfect opportunity to match your schedule, whether you have a few hours to spare every other weekend, a few evenings throughout the week, or you want to help out sometimes. So many people are thankful.

Let the ITJP alliance know if you have specific expertise you'd want to give, such as tutoring or marketing, and see if they might use your assistance. In either case, there are many ways to pitch in, such as helping with online work like launching campaigns, promoting our activities on social media, documenting crimes, applying for grants, communications, and administrative duties.
In our workplace culture and practices and our work on behalf of human rights, we emphasize inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. We understand that we need to do this to fulfill our goal and assure the success of our richly diverse employees and members.We have a thorough plan in place and share responsibility for creating an inclusive environment for everyone.

A three-pronged strategy is used to protect human rights, and it is particularly effective. It focuses on research from experts in crises and places where human rights violations occur; mobilization of activists, members, and other interested parties; and advocacy to pass and maintain laws protecting human rights. To optimize our effect, we establish a collaborative work atmosphere where we collaborate with colleagues from all roles and locations as well as with our devoted volunteer members.
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